Do Clients See You as a Tradable Commodity or their Go-To, Trusted Advisor?

  • Are you sick of writing proposals for competitive bids?

  • Do you wish you could turn down low-quality work because you had so much sole-source business from existing clients?

  • Are you struggling to move up and build relationships with top executives?

  • Are you pressured by clients to discount your fees?

  • Are you discouraged by clients who just don’t seem to want a real relationship with you?

  • Has it become harder to engage clients’ attention to hear your ideas and proposals?

  • Do you have clients who want to shop around each time they buy?

Meet Andrew Sobel

Best-Selling Author and the Leading Authority on Building Clients for Life

Early in my consulting career, I noticed there were two kinds of partners at my firm:

The rainmakers, who had trusted-advisor relationships with top executives and consistently brought in tons of business; and the delivery partners, who executed the projects that the rainmakers had sold. 

Guess who got the large bonuses and wielded all the influence in the company? 

The same was true of my friends from business school who started their own companies: The ones who could find, develop, and keep clients saw their ventures take off.

I didn’t want to work for internal “clients” and deliver for other partners—I wanted my own, real clients. So, I resolved to figure out what made those rainmakers tick. How had they become the go-to advisors to powerful executives who frequently recommended them to their own CEO friends? 

I studied the top performers at my firm, but also interviewed clients about the qualities they sought in their most trusted advisors. As I applied the techniques I was learning, I became the youngest partner at my firm at age 31, then a senior partner, and then a Country Chief Executive Officer for what had grown into a $1 billion consulting organization (Gemini Consulting)—by the time I was 36. I then started my own consulting company, and soon after wrote my first bestselling book, Clients for Life. Today, my seven commercially-published books on growing client relationships have been translated into 20 languages, and include multiple international bestsellers.

Markets, however, have grown more cutthroat. Strong client relationships are the key to your success—but they are harder than ever to build. That’s why I created Building Your Clients for Life. 

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from advising the leading service firms in the world, and from teaching and training over 50,000 successful rainmakers, and distilled it for you into this eLearning program. It lays out the essential strategies and skills you need to win more new clients, grow your existing relationships, build unshakable client loyalty, and become a trusted advisor to influential executives.  

Building Your Clients for Life Can Help You...

  • Dramatically increase your commercial effectiveness by selling as a trusted advisor rather than a commodity expert for hire.

  • Grow existing relationships to their maximum potential, equipped with an exclusive set of unique relationship growth tools that I’ve designed.

  • Quickly differentiate yourself in crowded markets using agenda-setting strategies that make you stand out from your competition.

  • Develop invaluable, sole-source business with your clients by going earlier and deeper into their planning and ideation cycle.

  • Increase retention—and thereby supercharge your revenue growth and reduce your sales costs—by evoking deep loyalty from your clients.

  • Move up in the organization and build relationships with top executives by following my step-by-step c-suite strategies.

  • Stay in touch and add value--even when there is no business--using my guide to managing your relationship capital.

  • Uncover your client’s deepest issues and connect on a personal level using the techniques in this course.

Building Your Clients for Life equips you with the attitudes, strategies, and skills that are essential to becoming a trusted advisor to your clients.


    Attract more new clients and increase revenues from existing ones.


    Create a multiplier effect on your business growth.


    Win increased referrals and word-of-mouth publicity.


    Reframe client problems and opportunities so they are more strategic for your clients, raising both the value of your sales and the impact of your work.


    Enjoy having clients treat you as an irreplaceable, trusted advisor who is a valued peer.


    Shift from the limiting “expert-for-hire” mindset to the expansive “client advisor mindset” that drives major shifts in your behavior and increases your stature with clients.


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A Unique Learning Experience that Will Help You Develop and Grow Trusted Client relationships.

Enroll and receive ...
  • 82 audio lessons covering 26 essential client development topics

  • 28 HD videos providing a crisp overview of the topics that are covered in-depth in the audio lessons

  • 168-page workbook with lesson summaries and application exercises to apply the strategies to your own client relationships

  • Lesson quizzes to reinforce learning

  • 14 hours of course content

  • PLUS Special Bonus: Free participation in two of my live Q&A Coaching calls during the next six months

Building Your Clients for Life:
Course Roadmap

Here's a Free Lesson from Building Your Clients for Life.

One of my favorite topics in this program is what I call “Agenda Setting.”

It’s the key to earning sole-source business. Acquire this skill and you’ll differentiate yourself by learning more about your client than any of your competitors. 

I’m giving you one of the lessons on Agenda Setting for free. 

Listen to Lesson 2.1 Become a Proactive Agenda Setter now.

There are 81 other lessons just like this—along with 28 HD videos and a 168-page course workbook—that you can have access to, today.

Don’t Enroll in
Building Your Clients for Life if...

  • You are fully satisfied with your client relationships, and feel there is little or no room for improvement.

  • You are unwilling or unable to devote--on average--30 to 45 minutes a week to personal learning and skill improvement.

  • You aren’t hungry to be among the best in your field.

  • You believe you have few or no skill gaps or weaknesses when it comes to being a trusted advisor to your clients.

Andrew Sobel's Acclaimed Collection of Bestselling Books
Building Trusted Professional Relationships

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From Leadership Sponsors

“Andrew Sobel’s techniques have been instrumental in building our ‘client first’ culture at Cognizant.” - Francisco D’Souza, CEO, Cognizant

“The course provides a truly comprehensive training solution. Based on Andrew Sobel’s best-selling books, it chunks information in small, easily digestible, yet very informative audio lessons. I highly recommend it." - Morgan Massie, former Human Capital Manager, TriNet, currently Talent Strategist at Avion Consulting

“With exceptional video and audio elements, it’s like having a coach at your side 24/7. The program has yielded significant, fruitful results for our firm.”  - Mabry Smith III, President, Wheless Partners Executive Search

“Enduring client relationships are essential to success, and Andrew Sobel delivers powerful insights about how to systematically cultivate and sustain them."  - James Bardrick, CEO, Citigroup UK

“Andrew Sobel offers a master-class in building business relationships. He lays out a clear path of how to achieve the ultimate advisory role as trusted partner."  - Andrew Laurence, former Chairman of the Worldwide Corporate Practice Committee, Hill & Knowlton

Course Participant Feedback

“You always illustrate your points with examples and actual stories, which brings the ideas to life. The five- to eight-minute length of the lessons is perfect.” - Hector 

“I liked the mobility of the program and being able to choose which lessons I listen to on any given day, depending on what particular client challenges I am dealing with." - Deborah

“At the beginning I was skeptical—will this really work for me? But I found that the format, with short lessons backed up by the workbook, is great. The frameworks are very practical and backed up with real examples.”  Wiliam

“The lessons are very engaging—the stories help. I love the audio format and having the lessons on my iPhone. I will often pick something that aligns with my agenda for that week."  - Emily

“The short-lesson format is extremely powerful. The lessons are easy to follow and I love the fact that it’s mobile. The course is clear, precise and keeps us interested." - Alberto

Register Today and Receive these Four Bonus Items!

  • A signed copy of my international bestseller, Power Questions, which we will personally mail to you. U.S.A. addresses only. (Value: $22.95)

  • Admission to two live Q&A Coaching calls. (Value: $200)

  • Six months additional access to the course site —18 months in total (worth a lot, but I won’t try to assign an inflated, random number to it!)

  • Download the audio lessons and keep them on your personal device — forever. Almost no one lets learners do that! (Value: $500)

Still Have Questions?

  • Who will benefit from this course?

    Anyone who works in some capacity with clients and customers, and aspires to build value-added, consultative relationships with them, will benefit immensely from this course. If you are in sales, professional services, client service, client relationship management, business development, and so on, this course is for you.

  • What if I decide it’s not the right course for me?

    There’s zero risk in purchasing the program. If after trying out the course for two weeks you don’t feel it’s right for you, I will refund 100% of the purchase price.

  • Can I enroll at any time?

    I don’t offer “artificial” enrollment periods designed to create a perception of scarcity! Yes, you can self-enroll immediately and start the lessons today.

  • Can I share the course content with my colleagues and friends?

    Please do tell your colleagues and friends about it, but don’t share the content with them! This would be a violation of the purchase agreement--and also unfair.

  • What if I want to go through the course with a group of my colleagues or friends?

    Nearly all of my corporate clients organize their people into small learning cohorts to go through the course together, and I highly recommend this approach. If you have a group of people in mind, and your company will purchase the course for each of you, for please contact me to see if you would qualify for a volume discount as a corporate or institutional purchaser.

  • What kind of return can I expect on the cost of this course?

    Nearly everyone who takes this course learns valuable lessons on how to grow their revenues through more and better client relationships. The amount of “return” in your ROI depends on how diligently you put the strategies to work in your day-to-day business. If you do, and if you practice them consistently over time, my experience is that you’ll see noticeable relationship improvements and even breakthroughs in just days and weeks. Then, if you’re like others who have taken the course, you’ll see revenue improvements in a matter of months—and, more “higher quality” revenue where you are working on your client’s most important issues and being treated like an advisor not a vendor. Remember: I offer a money-back guarantee during the first two weeks you try out the course.

  • Will I get a certificate of completion?

    If you complete all of the lessons and do the Session quizzes, you will receive a Trusted Advisor Client Relationship Excellence certificate, signed by me.

Would You Like to Be Perceived as a Go-To, Trusted Advisor by Clients Rather than a Vendor?

What are your options?


Learn these strategies and skills on your own, from hard-earned experience.

That works—but it takes a very, very long time, usually years. And, in your own business, you’ll never see the range of best practices that I’ve spent decades documenting in my research on the ingredients of clients for life. 

Why not dramatically accelerate your learning—and your income? 

Read books on this subject, or take someone else’s course.

I’m a huge advocate of reading well-written books, and I’ve actually written many of the major books on building long-term client relationships, such as Clients for Life, All for One, and Power Questions. This course goes much further, however: It breaks the ideas in my books down into very practical strategies, tactics, and skills that you can apply immediately. As far as other courses go—check around. 

My large corporate clients, who have access to the top eLearning in the world, consistently tell me that Building Your Clients for Life is a unique resource, and that’s why they buy it for their top professionals.  

Take the Building Your Clients for Life course.

This course distills down for you what I’ve learned from decades of proprietary research and my own personal consulting practice with CEOs around the globe. This research has included personal interviews with over 2000 top executives; the hands-on work I’ve done with 50,000+ client-facing professionals; surveys with nearly 5,000 people who work with clients; and more. 

Building Your Clients for Life offers you an unparalleled body of road-tested strategies and skills for succeeding with clients. 


to Start Building
Your Clients for Life.

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