• Do you wish you had more influence in your organization?

  • Are you ready to be seen as a leader?

  • Are you tired of having your accomplishments go unnoticed or unappreciated?

  • Are your ideas getting a lukewarm reception? ("We'll think about it...")

  • Would you like to see more collaboration from your colleagues?

  • Do relationship conflicts and difficult people deplete your time and energy?

  • When you meet someone new, do you wish you could establish more effective, immediate rapport and credibility?

Meet Andrew Sobel

Best-Selling Author and the Leading Authority on Building Enduring Professional Relationships

I was raised in a family that valued tasks, not relationships. It was an era when there was a supreme focus on individual achievement rather than teamwork and collaboration. 

So when I started my first job out of college, I had a rude awakening. 

Doing good work at my first company was rewarded, but it wasn’t enough to open up the opportunities I wanted, at the speed I wanted them. I saw two very average-performing colleagues get suddenly promoted. Unlike me, they had built strong relationships with key executives in the organization.   

I found that without trusted relationships with other functions in the organization, I couldn’t excel at my own job. My boss had a reputation for always getting his products out of the company warehouse before anyone else—and then I saw why. He visited the facility once a week, and the manager there greeted him like his best friend. 

Without supportive colleagues, I sometimes couldn’t get projects done on time that required the collaboration of others. 

It was at my next job, after graduate school, that I truly experienced the career game-changer of having the right set of stakeholder relationships. During a 15-year stint with a leading global consulting company, I became the youngest partner in the firm at 31, and then a senior vice president and country CEO by the time I was 36. Then, I started my own firm and began researching the ingredients of trusted professional relationships in earnest. 

Over time, I interviewed thousands of highly successful professionals from many industries and conducted extensive research for my bestselling books such as Clients for Life, Power Questions, and Power Relationships

I learned something that is exceptionally important but counter-intuitive in today’s social media-obsessed world: There are about 15 to 25 key professional relationships that have an outsized, profound impact on your career success. Social media can be a relationship accelerator, but without those critical few—a handful of key individuals who like and trust you, will stick up for you, and recommend you—you will be stuck in the slow lane.

That’s why I created Building Relationships That Matter. It lays out a very simple but powerful strategy for building the key relationships, with different types of people in your work life, that can transform your career. Increase your influence. Give you access to hidden opportunities. Propel your leadership. 

But this course goes much further—it’s a masterclass that teaches you the 9 powerful attitudes and skills you need to build the relationships that matter. 

I wish a course like this had been available early in my career. I would have avoided a lot of anguish. I would have recognized and built up my “critical few” relationships—the magic 15 to 25—much sooner. 

You don’t have to wait, like I did. You can start right now.  

Building Relationships That Matter

A powerful, multimedia learning experience to help you build the relationships that matter to your career.
  • Based on over 20 years of unique research into the ingredients of successful professional relationships and how they can accelerate your success.

  • Designed with support from a team of renowned learning experts: The extensive multimedia is optimized for maximum engagement and includes graphics, charts, videos, animations, whiteboard animations, self-assessments, and knowledge quizzes.

  • Application exercises help you apply the strategies and skills from each lesson to your key relationships.

  • Nearly six hours of rich, interactive learning. Each lesson is @30 minutes long, broken down into three distinct sections for easy consumption.

  • I am your personal host for the entire course.

  • PLUS Special Bonus: Free participation in TWO of my live Q&A Coaching calls during the year after you purchase the program.

  • Whether you work for a large organization, a small firm, or for yourself —
    Building Relationships That Matter will accelerate your success.


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Building Relationships That Matter
Course Roadmap

With Building Relationships That Matter You Get . . .

  • A step-by-step guide to develop the critical-few, strategic relationships that will accelerate your career.

  • A five-step relationship-building process that maximizes your most important connections.

  • Powerful influence tools and techniques to get others to support your ideas and proposals.

  • A unique “Power Questions” methodology to create unforgettable, high-impact conversations.

  • Agenda-helping strategies to develop a deep understanding of the other person’s most important priorities, goals, and needs .

  • A proven process for healing relationships that are afflicted by conflict or bad chemistry.

  • Multiple self-assessments and relationship evaluations to help you gauge your progress.

Four Types of Power Questions

Here’s a free micro-learning video from the course.

One of my favorite lessons in the course is Using Power Questions.

The right question, at the right time, can literally transform a relationship. Here’s a free animation from this lesson that explains how to ask powerful questions in four important areas. (By the way, the full lesson is 40 minutes long — this animation is just under three minutes.)

Imagine a total of 12 in-depth lessons full of valuable strategies and techniques that will accelerate your career and build your influence by developing the relationships that matter. 

WATCH - From Lesson 6: Using Power Questions.

In Building Relationships That Matter

you'll learn how to . . .


    Ignore all the noise and develop a plan to strengthen your 15-25 critical stakeholder relationships.


    Using the latest insights into brain neurology, build authentic rapport with anyone, anytime.


    The hallmark of a high potential leader is their ability to get others to trust and support them.


    Get referred and recommended for the best professional opportunities.


    Build the trust and likability that draws others to help you out.


    Use a proven approach to heal relational conflicts and turn them growth opportunities.

Register today and receive these bonus items!

  • A signed copy of my latest book, Power Relationships, which we will personally mail to you. U.S.A. addresses only. (Value: $22.50)

  • Admission to two live Q&A Coaching calls. (Value: $200)

  • Additional 6 months access to the course —18 months access in total!

Still Have Questions?

  • Who will benefit from this course?

    Anyone whose success at work requires interaction with, and the support of, others. This includes people who are just starting their careers, entrepreneurs or solo practitioners who want to grow their business, and also individuals who are in the midst of their career and would like a boost.

  • What if I decide it’s not the right course for me?

    There’s zero risk in purchasing the program. If after trying out the course for two weeks you don’t feel it’s right for you, I will refund 100% of the purchase price.

  • Can I enroll at any time?

    I don’t offer “artificial” enrollment periods designed to create a perception of scarcity! Yes, you can self-enroll immediately and starting the lessons today.

  • Can I share the course content with my colleagues and friends?

    Please do tell your colleagues and friends about it, but don’t share the content with them! Aside from being a violation of the purchase agreement, it would not be fair or professional.

  • What if I want to go through the course with a group of my colleagues or friends?

    Nearly all of my corporate clients organize their people into small learning cohorts to go through the course together—I highly recommend this approach. If you have a group of people in mind, and your company will purchase the course for each of you, please contact me to see if you would qualify for a volume discounts as a corporate or institutional purchaser.

  • What kind of return can I expect on the cost of this course?

    Everyone who takes this course learns valuable lessons on how to grow their most important relationships. The impact will be different for each person. You may find the course helps you identify and strengthen a key relationship, which immediately opens up a new opportunity for you at work (or even in another organization). You may find you are suddenly getting a warmer reception for your ideas and proposals. Or, you may discover that you’re now able to heal a relationship that was on the rocks. I can’t put a dollar sign on the ROI for these kinds of benefits, but it’s very high. If you leave things entirely to chance, sometimes you’ll get dealt pretty lousy cards.

  • Will I get a certificate of completion?

    If you complete all of the lessons and get a 75% score or better on the quizzes (you get two tries for each quiz!), you will receive a Building Relationships That Matter Excellence certificate, signed by me.

Would you like the support of a powerful network of key influencers?

What are your options?


Learn these strategies and skills on your own, from hard-earned experience.

That works—but it takes a very, very long time, usually many years. And, along the way, you will make plenty of mistakes and miss out on some important opportunities. It’s also unlikely you’ll see the range of best practices that I’ve spent decades documenting in my research on the ingredients of great, professional relationships. 

Why not dramatically accelerate your learning—and your career success? 

Read books on this subject, or take someone else’s course.

I’m a huge advocate of reading well-written books, and I’ve actually written some of the leading books on building great professional relationships, such as Power Questions and Power Relationships. But a book is designed to set out ideas—and that is where this course goes much, much further: It breaks the concepts from my books and research down into very practical strategies, tactics, and skills that you can apply immediately.

As far as other courses go—check around. I don’t believe you’ll find anything that has the depth and compre-hensive toolkit of Building Relationships That Matter.     

Take the Building Relationships That Matter course.

This course distills down for you what I’ve learned from decades of in-depth, proprietary research into the ingredients of individual professional success and the critical relationships that sustain it. My research has included personal interviews with over 2000 top executives; the hands-on work I’ve done with 50,000+ client-facing professionals; surveys with nearly 5,000 successful individuals; and more.  

Building Relationships That Matter offers you an unparalleled body of road-tested strategies and skills for supercharging your career.  

Don’t Enroll In
Building Relationships That Matter If...

  • Your work does not involve any contact with other human beings (e.g., you work as a hermit or a monk, alone in a mountain cave).

  • You are convinced that trusted relationships with key individuals in your professional life are simply not very important to your career success.

  • If you believe you are already at the pinnacle of success and don’t need any more help and support from key influencers, mentors, and thought leaders.

  • You don’t have the time or motivation to invest 30-45 minutes a week on personal skill building.

Andrew Sobel's Collection of Acclaimed, Bestselling Books on
Building Trusted Professional Relationships

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What Others Are Saying

“Andrew—in his inimitable style and with the credibility of an expert in his field—illustrates practically how relationships are created that are lasting and beneficial.” - Sir Winfried Bishop, Chairman, EMEA, JP Morgan

“Andrew offers a masterclass in building business relationships."Andrew Laurence, former CEO, EMEA, Hill & Knowlton

“Andrew Sobel's techniques have been instrumental to building our 'client first' culture at Cognizant.”  - Francisco D'Souza, Chief Executive Officer, Cognizant

“Enduring relationships are essential to success, and Andrew Sobel delivers powerful insights about how to systematically cultivate and sustain them."  - James Bardrick, CEO, Citigroup UK

“Andrew Sobel clearly understands that trust is not an abstract concept - it is a personal bond forged over time in the best relationships."  - Ralph W. Shrader, former CEO, Booz Allen Hamilton

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The first version is the standard course, which is optimized for display on PCs/laptops and tablets. It also displays on mobile phones, but with a reduced-size window. Use this version unless you're planning to use your mobile phone for most of the course (not our preference, but up to you).

The second version is optimized for mobile phone viewing. It displays extremely well on any device, opening up a new browser window for each lesson, which requires you to simply return to the course browser tab when you complete the lesson.

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